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Information Providers offer advanced end-to-end solutions for the encoding, management and distribution of digital media. With our professional production, we deliver a full-service solution to create the most compelling live Web events. We can take care of the entire process of putting together a streaming media production in the two of the most popular formats, RealNetworks, and Microsoft Windows Media. Information Providers superior equipment standards combined with our specialised Webcast producers dedicated to the highest customer service in the industry put our streaming services in a class of their own.

Streaming Media is a highly cost-efficient and effective way to deliver your message to a global customer base:

Training: Business:
  • Training Seminar Presentations

  • e-Learning Content Distribution

  • Coaching Broadcasts

  • Pay-Per-View

  • Product Demos & Launches

  • Advertising & Promotion

Relations: Features:
  • Employee Development

  • Investor Relations

  • Corporate Event Broadcasts

  • Interactive Content

  • Event Synchronisation

  • Security Authentication

What We Offer:

Click on each of the headings in red above; Training, Business, Relations, and Features for much more indept details on our video hosting and live streaming solutions.

The video below is not lived streamed. It is an example of a "post event" hosted video. There is no audio with this video. If you have high capacity access to the internet and well equipped PC you may be able to view it in full screen mode by clicking on the TV icon at the bottom of the video.

Send any feedback to Info@Information-Providers.ie

Dromard v Clonguish. Longford Senior Football Championship Final, 2009. Drawn game. First Half

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