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Training for the Business, Public and Home PC User

Training, retraining, and upgrading the skills of employees is a positive and an effective business practice.  It provides a major return on investment, increases productivity, and is a necessity after new/updated product rollouts.  It also provides for a stronger and better business as it enhances employee job satisfaction, loyalty and promotion opportunities.

Current Schedule of Courses for October, November, and December 2003.

                 MANAGEMENT & SUPERVISORY DEVELOPMENT COURSESNAME                        DURATION     DATESTime Management             1 Day        Tuesday the 7th of OctoberTime Management             1 Day        Tuesday the 4th of NovemberTime Management             1 Day        Tuesday the 2nd of DecemberPresentation Skills         1 Day        Wednesday the 8th of OctoberPresentation Skills         1 Day        Wednesday the 5th of NovemberPresentation Skills         1 Day        Wednesday the 3rd of DecemberTeam Work & Team Building   2 Day        Wednesday the 15th of October                                         Thursday the 16th of OctoberTeam Work & Team Building   2 Day        Tuesday the 16th of December                                         Wednesday the 17th of DecemberSelling Skills              1 Day        Tuesday the 21st of OctoberSelling Skills              1 Day        Tuesday the 18th of NovemberSelling Skills              1 Day        Tuesday the 9th of DecemberPerformance Management      1 Day        Wednesday the 22nd of OctoberPerformance Management      1 Day        Wednesday the 19th of NovemberPerformance Management      1 Day        Wednesday the 10th of DecemberManaging Meetings           1 Day        Wednesday the 12th of NovemberSupervisory Management      3 Days       Tuesday the 25th of November                                         Wednesday the 26th of November                                         Thursday the 27th of November                        TECHNICAL COURSESUNIX Basics                 1 Day       Thursday the 30th of OctoberUNIX Basics                 1 Day       Thursday the 4th of December UNDERSTANDING LOCAL AREA NETWORK COMPONENTS                            2 Days      Thursday the 20th of November                                        Friday the 21st of NovemberUNDERSTANDING LOCAL AREA NETWORK COMPONENTS                            2 Days      Tuesday the 2nd of December                                        Wednesday 3rd of DecemberMS Windows 2000 Server and Workstation                            3 Days      Monday the 27th of October                                        Tuesday the 28th of October                                        Wednesday the 29th of OctoberMS Windows 2000 Server and Workstation                            3 Days      Thursday the 11th of December                                        Friday the 12th of December                                        Monday the 15th of December

Group Training Programs

If you would like for us to contact you about any of our training programs please drop a quick line to mailto:training@information-providers.ie 

  • On-Site Training
    Training Options to Fit Your Needs
    Call or mail today to discuss your training objectives with one of our Group Training Specialists. We can arrange instructor-led training at your site or at one of our training centers that meets your organisation’s goals. Request our OnSite training mailto:training@information-providers.com
  • Business Pass
    Preferred Pricing on Public Courses
    The Business Pass Discount program rewards our best business training customers with preferred pricing on regularly scheduled public courses. With our tiered discount program, the more you train, the more you save. For more information, email buspass@information-providers.com
  • Learning Advantage Program

  • Maximise Your Purchasing Power
    This program provides additional purchasing power for customers who have annual training budgets. Your organisation can save up to 20% in additional training euros. Call today to qualify for this special program.

Information Providers Knowledge Enterprise Services

  • Custom Learning Solutions
    This delivery option has been created for companies and government departments that value customised learning solutions. For them, our consultancy-based approach of developing targeted education solutions is most effective at helping them meet specific objectives.

Self-Paced and Multimedia Products

  • This delivery option offers self-paced program titles in interactive CD-ROM, diskette and textbook formats. In addition, we offer network delivery of interactive multimedia courseware so that you can train multiple users.

Training in your Home

We can arrange personal one-on-one training in the confort of your own home and at your pace.

What courses are offered?

Introduction to PC's

Windows 98: Introduction

Windows 98: Advanced

Windows NT 4.0 Workstation Introduction

Windows NT 4.0 Workstation Advanced

Introduction to E-Mail

Introduction to the WEB

Access 97: Level 1

Access 97: Level 2

Access 97: Advanced

Access 2000: Level 1

Excel 97: Introduction

Excel 97: Advanced

Excel 2000: Introduction

Excel 2000: Advanced

FrontPage 98: Introduction

FrontPage 98: Advanced

Internet Explorer 5.0: Introduction

Internet Explorer 5.0: Advanced

Microsoft Exchange Client 5.0: Introduction

Microsoft Project 98 Introduction

Microsoft Project 98 Advanced

Outlook 98: Introduction

Outlook 98: Advanced

Outlook 2000: Level 1

PowerPoint 97: introduction

PowerPoint 97: Advanced

PowerPoint 2000: Introduction

TAS Books: Introduction

TAS Books: Advanced

QuickBooks: Introduction

QucikBooks: Advanced

MacroPay: Introduction

MacroPay: Advanced

Schedule your group-training program today!   E-Mail us at:  mailto:training@information-providers.ie and give our training department a summary of your training needs.

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