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Meeting the Challenges of the Future

Most businesses are challenged with major technology changes. They are scrambling to upgrade their applications and infrastructure, deal with Year 2000 issues, Euro, e-Commerce, messaging, etc., and they are trying to use new technology that will improve their business bottom line and performance. The success of their enterprise depends on the successful completion of these projects, on time and within budget.

With stakes this high, it is disturbing to note that 70% - 80% of enterprise-wide application or solution deployments are behind schedule, over budget, or failing to deliver expected results. The question is "Why, and what can be done about it?" Information Provider's Professional Services provides an excellent answer.

How to Successfully Manage I/T in the Real World

The distributed network computing environment is the real world of computing today. Up to 70% of new mission critical applications are destined for the desktop, your distributed network and the Internet. And the pace of innovation is accelerating. The Internet, E-Commerce, Enterprise Applications…all promise more efficient operations of your remote sites, and access to new customers, with new products, through better processes, with global reach. But innovation provides value only when your customers use it or when your employees work with it on their desktops and notebooks or over the Web. In other words, in the real world of distributed computing.

Information Provider's business solutions reach thousands of users, helping companies bring innovation to their buissness.  In fact, we have more than 200 man-years of quality experience planning, designing, integrating, and managing enterprise computing infrastructures. We were matching technologies to business requirements when mainframes gave way to desktops and when before PC's and the Internet became household words.

We take the time to thoroughly understand your business issues, then we partner with you to apply our joint expertise where it's needed most. Whether you want to migrate to open technologies, design an electronic commerce strategy, update your entire network, integrate your outlying offices, selecting Accounting or Payroll software, we have the people and resources to get the job done.

For structure, we start every project with an Assessment phase, relying on such time-tested tools as our Business and Technology Requirements assessment to develop enlightened I/T strategies, or our Technology Architecture Planning to understand the underpinnings of your infrastructure. From there, we lay the technology foundation, which ensures that every new solution can operate smoothly, even after our designers have moved on to other projects. And, when we're ready for Implementation, we depend on a staff fully trained and experienced in Project Managment.  These highly skilled project managers guide our teams through Rapid Implementation and Roll Out processes with unparalleled efficiency.

All the while, we remain open to your business requirements, business culture, and internal resources - so that every solution or system, no matter how varied the technologies and platforms, can integrate smoothly with your environment.

Information Providers has broad experience in both the management of large-scale and small I/T projects.  We are able to provide and synchronise:

   Applications, Computer Systems and Network Products
   On going maintenance

Information Provider's core competencies:


We have developed consulting practices and methodologies that assist clients in articulating their business objectives, mapping these requirements to technology alternatives and selecting the most appropriate technologies for their needs. We develop solutions and integrate them with the clients' current environment. We help clients with the design, planning and management needed to migrate to new environments.

Project Management:

We combine Project Management methodogies with field-tested best practices to effectively plan, implement and manage complex technology develop programs.


We have the ability to design, procure, deploy and support all facets of infrastructure. We can help clients migrate to new infrastructure platforms and refresh their technology on an ongoing basis.


We provide assessment, design, integration and deployment of network technology from Local Area, Wide-Area, Radio and Optical Networks. We provide value added applications for network security, EDI, etc.


We help clients design effective management processes, select management toolsets, design and deploy the processes and tools in their environment. We make clients self sufficient through knowledge transfer and sharing of best practices.

Competitive Advantages

  1. Information Providers has World Class experience in deploying large scale enterprise solutions into complex distributed computing environments.
  2. Information Providers is a single-source provider.
  3. Information Providers has raised the bar in the art and science of Project Management and Implementation.
  4. Information Providers is able to drive value by leveraging its core competencies in Life Cycle support activities and by providing extremely competitive pricing on computer products due to our high volume purchasing agreements and dedicated sourcing team.

Information Providers Professional Services

Professional Services is a front-end engagement which will allow you to select optimal solutions to meet your business need.

   Plan your entire I/T requirement
   Management your I/T systems and functions
   Implement Enterprise Wide Systems
   Project Management
   Integration Services

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