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Getting the Right Technology on the Right Desktops at the Right Time and Best Price

Procurement. It's a deceptively simple-sounding word, but we all know better. Getting the appropriate technology on the desktops of your end users or across your distributed networks has never been more challenging. The I/T landscape is riddled with issues and new challenges - diversity in the I/T environment, standards, or lack of them, and continually changing technology to name but a few. As if these weren't enough, procurement is further challenged by four ever-present dynamics:

1) The relentless quest to drive down costs while increasing End User satisfaction and productivity
2) The continual migration of mission critical operations and activities to complex distributed computer networks
3) The increasingly strategic role of information and the need for it to flow instantaneously across the entire enterprise
4) An I/T budget and staff challenged to do more with less.

Pricing, Pricing, Pricing
Information Providers offer customers unusually low prices on quality computer equipment and software… more

Software Procurement Services
Having the latest software for your employees is often just as critical as having up-to-date hardware for them to use. But selecting the appropriate software for your business and deciding whether you need licenses for everyone or just a particular department can be an enormous undertaking… more

Customisation Services
Information Providers Customisation Services allow you to have Information Providers customise and assemble systems exactly to your specifications. We can help you leverage your I/T investments so that you can achieve your business goals, increase client satisfaction and remain competitive... more

Installation Services
As part of Information Providers Life Cycle Services, Information Providers Installation Services provides all your computer equipment and related peripherals at your location... more

Standards Evaluation
If your company is looking to implement a standards platform, but are unsure about just how to implement one, let Information Providers help you with our Standards Evaluation and Certification Services... more

Rental Services
Is your company experiencing a high-volume work period? Do you need additional equipment for a special training session? Do you have an upcoming project requiring extra hardware for a short duration? Do you have temporary personnel that need their own computer? Do you need a plan to conserve capital resources? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Information Providers can help through Information Providers Computer Rentals, your single source for computer rentals... more

Information Providers Leasing Services
Information Providers Leasing Servicesis an industry-leading technology leasing solution that helps you easily and effectively manage upgrade issues, costs and more throughout the entire life cycle of your information technology... more

Internal Procurement Process Consulting
Procurement processes need to be designed to provide maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness for your company. If set up incorrectly, these processes can cost you and your company valuable time and money... more


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