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Offsite Protection Offsite Vaulting Main Frame Vaulting NT Server Vaulting Tape Relocation

Offsite Vaulting

Offsite, Offline and out of reach
Information Providers offers a leading Offsite Data Protection solution, providing secure, offsite vaulting for disaster recovery and archival data. We know exactly what it takes to ensure successful disaster recovery.

Time is Money
Each hour a company is without access to its information is costly.

Eliminating Risks
Every component of our offsite vaulting service is designed with one thing in mind; eliminating risk. From the location and design of our facilities to the selection of our people, Information Providers goal is to reduce and eliminate risks to your data. Our building is constructed with non-combustible materials and protected with state-of-the-art physical security. Our delivery and pickup services are designed to transport magnetic media. We carefully screen our employees and provide comprehensive training on all aspects of data security and protection.

3rd Party Protection
While many people think the purpose of offsite vaulting is solely to protect against physical disasters, they account for less than five percent of all data-loss events. The largest and most damaging threat to your data comes from people. Implementing an internal offsite vaulting program can not adequately protect a company from internal threats like disgruntled or dishonest employees. Information Providers provide the separation of duties and responsibilities that only a 3rd party can deliver.

Article: Best Data Protection Practices

Offsite Protection Offsite Vaulting Main Frame Vaulting NT Server Vaulting Tape Relocation

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