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Offsite Protection Offsite Vaulting Main Frame Vaulting NT Server Vaulting Tape Relocation

Offsite Protection

The information contained in your data is now considered to be a company's most critical asset. Your company cannot survive without it. Have you ever planned for a situation or considered the impact of not having access to your data? At a minimum, the consequences of not managing your data can result in a huge financial loss to your company. In many cases it can be fatal to your company's ability to recover from a fire, explosion, theft, technical error, hacker intrusions, etc.
"67% of companies that go through major disaster such as fire, flood, burglary or sabotage resulting in loss of data are out of business in 2 years," - Forbes Magazine.
Information Provider's acutely understands your needs. We put this entire concern to rest for you, knowing your information is secure, offsite, offline, and inaccessible to others.

Information Providers Offsite Data Protection
Flexibility to meet changing customer needs and integrity, these are the elements that define our success. Information Providers is a world class supplier of Offsite Data Storage. We strive in every way to provide:
  • a high quality service
  • a complete and extensive range of offsite
  • the latest in processes and new Offsite data technologies

The Experts in Data Security Services
In this current age of high dependence on data, the practice of having a sole protector of your information assets is now considered a must. We offer the full range of services to meet this need and we use ISO 9000 quality policies and procedures.

Disaster Recovery
The integral part of your disaster recovery plan should be to have a full working copy of your data at an offsite facility. Secondly, you should execute "fire-drills" to ensure that you can actually access your offsite data, and restore it on your systems, at random intervals. Information Providers facilitates both of these needs.

New Developments
By working with Information Providers you are assured that you have access to all of the latest technology and newest procedures in the offsite storage market. We are committed to continuous research and improvement.

New Premises Under Development

Planned Features:

  • Concrete Vaults
  • Fire Resilient building
  • Secure building with protective perimeter fencing
  • VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Alarm)inked to FM200 Gas Fire Suppression System
  • Aspirating 24 hour 365 day smoke detection system
  • Four Hour Heat Redundant Generator Temperature maintained at 21ºC
  • Humidity maintained at 50%
  • Static Free environment
  • Clinical environment
  • Sterile Loading Bay
  • Remotely Monitored security system
  • 24 Hour 365 day CCTV Monitoring of all activities
  • 24 Hour 365 day CCTV Recording
  • 24 Hour 365 day Alarm Systems Monitoring with link to the emergency services
  • Digital Proximity Swipe Card Access
  • Computerised Zone Access Control
  • Bonded Workforce
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Strict Authorised Release Procedures
  • Bar Coded Asset Tracking
  • Highly secure unmarked vehicles
  • Climate controlled vehicles
  • Two-way communications in vehicles
  • Satellite tracking in vehicles
  • 24 Hour 365 day access to facility
  • 24 Hour 365 day Client Remote Catalogue Access
  • 24 Hour 365 day Scanning, duplication, and destruction facilities
Off Site Storage provided for the following Media and Document types:
  • Diskettes
  • Compact Disks
  • Magneto Optical Tapes
  • CD-ROMs, CD-Rs &CD-RWs
  • QIC Data Cartridges
  • 4/8 mm Data Cartridges
  • DLT Cartridges
  • Critical Disks
  • Magnetic Tape Cartridges
  • Computer Tapes
  • Voice recording
  • Micro Fiche
  • Micro Films
  • X-Rays
  • High Value Documents
  • Legal Documents
  • Lever Arch Binders

Article: Best Data Protection Practices

Offsite Protection Offsite Vaulting Main Frame Vaulting NT Server Vaulting Tape Relocation


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