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First Ever County Final Broadcast World Wide

Press Release - Sept 15th 1999

Your friends, relations and people of Irish extraction everywhere will be able to tune in to the Internet and view the match and also hear live commentary.  From the Kremlin to Killarney, and from New York to New South Wales, if you are in college or in a jet,   anyone who can access the Internet can view the game.

Information Providers, an Information Technology computer company based in Longford, Ireland, are sponsoring and providing an international broadcast of the1999 Longford County final, between Dromard and Abbeylara clubs.

This is a major coup for the GAA fans everywhere, and the Diaspora in general, as it will be the first ever County final anywhere to be broadcast worldwide.

What do you need to do?

1.      Call all your friends and relations and inform them that the game is available on the Internet.  The sooner you call the more time they will have to make arrangements.

2.      Give them the Internet address that they will need to go too, to watch the game.  The address is www.information-providers.ie 

3.      Advise them that they should visit the above WEB address a few days before the  game, as there will be more instructions given on the Internet.  They will need to follow these instructions before they can view the match.

4.      Ask them to tell their friends.

Some Advice!

Viewers who are allowed use the Internet from their place of work are likely to receive a better reception than home viewers as business would have faster and bigger lines.

Also, if they do not have a PC they should check with their local library, school, businesses, or Internet Café to see if they can get access.  

When will the broadcast begin?

The broadcast itself will begin at 1:45pm Irish time. However, there will be predictions, pictures, interviews and other interesting video clips available at the site, so viewers are advised to tune in well before the game.

Information Providers can be reach by E-Mail at  info@information-providers.ie  or  by phone at (+353) 43 40444.

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